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You can ask anyone who knew me back then… I was a successful Christian leader who had everything to live for. I was productive, making a difference, spinning all the plates, and getting things done. But, behind the scenes, I suffered from depression and fantasized about how much easier life would be – for myself and others — if I weren’t on the planet anymore.

During that time, I weighed several options in my mind, two of which included running away from everything and everyone, or worse, ending my life altogether. I didn’t want to hurt anyone else; I just wanted the pain to end. I didn’t necessarily want to die, but I didn’t know how to continue living with the pain either. I was suffering from losses in my life that had not been properly addressed. I was dealing with complex trauma. I didn’t even realize this was the root of my problem! Thankfully, I took a third option: I got the right kind of help, and everything changed.

The way I live, love and lead has never been the same again.

Something to know about me is that I hate small talk. If you hate small talk, you’re going to love my blog, because I go deep in five seconds. I’m known for opening up conversations on gasp-worthy topics without blinking an eye…you know, those, “I can’t believe she said that!” kind of stuff. You probably noticed it already when you read in the first paragraph above that I thought about ending my life. I don’t share this for shock value. I want to help you live and lead with authenticity in the hard places.

I am radically transparent, because I have a passion to help you see that despite whatever life throws at you, you can move forward through faith, and you don’t have to hide while you’re doing it.

When I meet people who are in emotional pain, I often ask myself, “What would the healed version of this person look like?” This is not from a judgmental standpoint, or as one who sees herself as an expert. I see myself as a fellow traveler on a journey of recovery. It lights my fire to see people set free through Christ and living out their full potential.

While we can’t always go under or around a situation or get over it…we can always move forward!

If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, desperate…or worse, please know that there i­­s another option. I want to help you to live authentically and move forward in faith through the hard things you’re facing.

I’m honored that you’re here, and I look forward to connecting with you.

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Dr. Deanna Shrodes

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Deanna Doss Shrodes is an ordained minister, author and speaker who has been featured in many media including CBS News, People Magazine, The New Yorker, Woman’s World, and the Huffington Post. She holds a Masters in Ministerial Leadership and a Doctor of Ministry from Southeastern University. She is married to her college sweetheart, Larry, and they have three grown children and four grandchildren. She loves learning something new every day.

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