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Dr. Deanna Shrodes is the sole author of five books, and contributing author to five more. To see all that is available from Dr. Shrodes, visit her Amazon page by clicking the button below.

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Become Your Most Authentic Self

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Are you tired of being who and what others expect you to be, instead of who you know you were created to be?

If you find the pressure of this exhausting and you are ready to be the authentic YOU that you were always meant to be, I would like to gift you with my ebook, 29 Ways to Become Your Most Authentic Self.

It's time to break free and finally live according to your divine design!


Dr. Deanna Shrodes

Dr. Deanna Shrodes is the Director of PF Women and the Founder/Director of the Stronger Leadership Network. Deanna is an international speaker gifted in candid communication on taboo topics others don’t dare to discuss. As an ordained minister, accomplished musician, worship leader and recording artist, she is the sole author of five books as well as contributing writer of five books. Deanna has been featured in many publications worldwide, including The Huffington Post, and she holds a Masters in Ministerial Leadership and a Doctor of Ministry. Deanna has been married to Larry, her college sweetheart, for 35 years. She and Larry have three grown children, four perfect grandchildren and an adorable bulldog named Manny. When she’s not working, Deanna enjoys reading, writing, thrift store shopping, and finding great coffee.

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