Manifesto for Devil-Butt Kickers

by | Nov 28, 2023

Ever met somebody who fits in wherever they are because they change in whatever way they need to in order to accommodate the people around them?

I’m not referring to those who are team players or possess good interpersonal skills.

I’m not talking about becoming all things to all men, in order to win some.

This is about having a backbone. 

It’s about guts. (Having them, that is.)

It’s about resisting the changing of your attitudes, language or posturing simply because of who you’re with, to receive something for personal gain.

It’s about refusing to play political games and sell out just because you want something. (I believe there are more politics in the ministry world than in the secular world.)

Some people are well liked, but they die without really accomplishing anything except having less enemies than those who changed the world.

I’d personally rather deal with South Korea than Switzerland because at least I know what they stand for.

I’ve written a manifesto for those like me who who have lost the fascination with fitting in.

Manifesto for Devil-Butt Kickers

Stand up.
Stand out.

Stop exhausting yourself to blend in.

Quit melting into your environment and disappearing into the sea of what is familiar.

Let go of the fear of being different.

Pick a side.
Be loyal to it.
Go to the wall for what you believe in.
Declare war on milquetoast living.

Take being loved by all off of your list of life goals.

Hate the middle and love the edge.

Forget about never upsetting anyone’s apple cart and realize it’s a given for world changers.

Say the difficult things to people’s face, not behind their back.

Speak the hard things nobody else has the guts to say, but everybody wishes somebody would say.

Realize that no conversation is too hard to have, after all that God has done for you and equipped you to do.

Refuse timidity.

Be willing to lose everything for what you believe in.

Be the person who speaks for those who are too weak to speak for themselves.

Love God.

Hate Evil.

Do something about it.

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  1. Hope Burt

    Amen. I am not young but I hope the young can gracefully embrace this wisdom.


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