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25 Real Things About Yourself?

by | Aug 9, 2023

What if we were all gut-level honest in how we portray ourselves online and otherwise? Have you seen the popular lists people create on social media, sharing things about themselves? Usually, they are almost exclusively positive things. A few years ago, my friend Terri Von Wood posted the following on Facebook:

 “What if we did “25 Things About Me” and shared the truth? What if sharing your truth, what you’ve been through, or what you are going through gave someone else the courage to speak their truth into the atmosphere and allow light and healing in? The more secrets you keep or have to keep, the sicker you are. Find someone you can share your truth with today. I pray that you are led to freedom and healing.”

Well, I’m up for the challenge! Here is a list of “25 Things About Me” that is a bit more realistic than some you might see out there online.

1) Emotional eating is one of my biggest struggles.

2)  The relentless conversation in my head makes it hard to go to sleep sometimes. I pray myself to sleep, and whenever I wake up, I start praying again.

3) If I get left behind somewhere, it’s unsettling to me. I definitely will not miss the rapture.

4) There are times I skip over the Bible verses when reading a Christian book.  I’ve already read them and many times feel compelled to look at what’s new. Not that the Bible isn’t the best information…I’m just admitting I do this at times when I read Christian books.

5) I don’t like to watch movies where people die of cancer, etc. I generally stay away from these sorts of films if I can help it because I have experienced so much loss in life that I don’t invite this kind of thing as entertainment.

6) Messy spaces depress me, especially piled-up kitchen counters.

7) Flying makes me anxious but that never stops me from traveling anywhere, especially for ministry/missions.

8) Excuse makers bother me to a crazy degree.

9) I’m not good at sports. When I engage in anything regarding fitness it’s usually things like walking, biking, dancing, rollerskating, etc. Although I love teamwork and team building, sports are not my place to do it. If I am on your sports team, I will embarrass you and we will probably lose.

10) I hate waiting in lines. I avoid going to dinner at restaurants on Friday and Saturday nights. I order my groceries online and have them delivered. I ask my doctor’s office for the very first appointment of the day, or the first one after their lunch. Patience isn’t my strong suit.

11) I take medication for depression. I do not feel guilty about it, don’t cry about it,  nor am I “trying to get off of it.” I don’t see it as any different than medication I would take for diabetes or heart disease if I had those issues, which I do not.

12)  I always intend to wash my makeup off my face before I go to sleep but a lot of nights I am so tired, I only brush my teeth.

13)  Some people are powerless when it comes to a bottle of vodka or a snort of cocaine. For me, it’s a bag of barbecue chips or anything warm and dark chocolate.

14) For some individuals, being alone for a few days would make them uncomfortable or even depressed. For me, it is bliss. This is not always possible for me to get time alone, but I need at least a little bit of solitude each day to be in a good headspace. If I get a few days, it sets me right side up again.

15) My dogs are an exception to my need for solitude.

16) When I’ve hit my limit with someone, I rarely if ever fight openly. I disappear from their life. This is typical for my personality type. I do not do this to retaliate. It’s done with spiritual, emotional, and mental health in mind.

17) I struggle with anger. I don’t just leave it where it is and nurse it. I am always processing it, ridding myself of it by worshipping, prayer, community, and therapy.

18) I don’t cozy up to people others seem to fall over themselves to get close to. A person’s title, role, or who they are married to does not attract me. What does pull me towards any individual is when I sense a beautiful soul or a gifting. I move toward character and talent. I watch so many people push their way to have close proximity to those who may lack character, just to get ahead in some way. I want to advance as much as the next person, BUT — I’m unwilling to flatter the unscrupulous to get there. I am cordial to such people but I don’t grovel. And I have a super hard time not being judgy with those who do. I watched hundreds of women clamor to be around a high-profile minister’s wife whom I had a hard time believing was even a Christian at times. And it made me sick. I believe it is sometimes these things more than anything that reveal the condition and motive of a person’s heart.

19) I once asked my former assistant what blind spots I have. She was honest and told me that one of my greatest gifts can also be my dark side. She said I can read people and a room almost instantly. But, sometimes I act too quickly on what I see, before it is wise to do so. I need to more carefully consider how to respond.

20) I have a bad habit of trying to perfect hobbies rather than enjoy them.

21) A lot of people say, “no regrets!” So many people are huge proponents of living with no regrets. I don’t know how that is possible. Mistakes are a part of life, and if we don’t make them we aren’t growing. I have made mistakes and I have regrets. I wish I could have a do-over on some things. I don’t dwell on it or allow it to paralyze me in any regard. But if I am asked directly, I do admit — yes, I have regrets. I’m committed to not making the same mistakes twice.

22) I used to terribly over-function when it came to the people in my life. I’m still breaking that habit!

23) I stay well under control when people come at me with something that makes me mad. Outside I am as cool as a cucumber but inside I’m thinking, “If you could read my mind right now, you’d probably start running…”

24) I wet the bed for a super long time, as a kid. My grandmother helped me to break this habit by making a chart for me, with stars. Every day I didn’t have an accident, I got a star. I’ve always been a sucker for achievement.

25) I bit my nails down to the quick every day, until college. My husband helped me break the habit.

Do you dare to make your own list of 25?


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  1. Margaret

    i prefer my own company,
    i am a loner
    I write 2 many emails,
    I am accident prone,
    I struggle with anger
    i have to be organized before i go out
    I have more , i know there’s more,
    God loves me


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