3 Things to Do When You Feel Like Quitting

by | May 31, 2023

Did you think about quitting this week? It’s common for leaders to think about throwing in the towel. Leadership is not for sissies! I’ve heard it said, “Don’t throw in the towel, wipe the sweat off your face and keep going!”  I don’t know who said that first, but it’s good advice.

Here are three things among many that have helped me when I feel like quitting.

1) Do what you do best

Many times when I feel like quitting, I’m doing too many of the things that don’t light my fire. Even when I start out intentionally to do only the things I can do, and delegate other things, I drift. I find myself back at a place where I’m doing more of the things that suck the life out of me than the things that are my passion. If you’ve discovered that’s where you’re at, start shifting back to your passion once again.

2)  Stop and consider the season

Did you just lead a big event? If you’re reading this the week after a big event, no wonder you feel like quitting! The post-adrenaline crash after an event is huge. There is such a thing as post-event depression. Once you acknowledge this, realize the feeling is going to pass. Be sure to take a Sabbath day off each week, and to take all of your vacation time that is available. Rest and watch and see if that happens. If it doesn’t then it’s time to take a deeper look at what’s happening, but not necessarily to quit.

3) Prioritize friend time

This isn’t about connecting with the person who said they wanted to chat about something they want you to consider regarding work/leadership/ministry. This is not about scheduling a time for coffee with a leader who is looking to give you a spiel on a project you need to support. This isn’t the time to meet up with a younger leader to mentor them. It is time with a friend for a deep talk about what’s really going on. It’s also time for fun and recreation…a movie, hiking, an exercise class, shopping or whatever brings you refreshment.

Finally, be encouraged today, you do important work, you are not alone, and with God’s help you can do anything for one more minute! In times like these I always say, in the presence of God, I can do anything for one more second, one more minute, one more hour, one more day! There are days that only HE makes it possible!


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