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3 Reasons a Dog Means the World

3 Reasons a Dog Means the World

My holiday break wasn't as it normally is -- a rest -- because our dog Manny (a four-year-old English bulldog) got seriously ill and had to be hospitalized several times. He swallowed a ham bone a few days before Christmas, and it messed him up, big time. He needed...

I’m Ready to Calm Down

I’m Ready to Calm Down

One of my goals in 2024 is to be more like my friend, Cindy Georg. Not to copy her or be "just like her." I'm a big fan of being wholeheartedly oneself. But I'm also about learning from the example of others in an effort to grow. Cindy is a person who is in God's Word...

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Dr. Shrodes is invited to return and speak at many of the same places time and again because the result has been an overwhelmingly positive experience with lives changed, and people encouraged.

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